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Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep are actually a very old breed and probably one of the earliest to be brought to North America from England. About 4 to 5 decades ago the original small stocky Southdown sheep were either bred to select taller and leaner sheep or forgotten altogether.


Lately, the shorter stocky breed has enjoyed resurgence, as Babydoll sheep are the perfect breed for small acreage farms, petting zoos, therapy animals, and lawn, orchard, and vineyard trimmers. In addition Babydoll sheep's small size and gentle nature make them excellent animals for 4H projects. 

Babydoll sheep require yearly CD&T vaccines, hoof trimming and like all woolly breeds require yearly shearing. They require seasonal worming as well. In general they are easy to care for and only require good pasture and fresh water. They must have sheep mineral salts available at all times. Babydoll sheep need hay in winter and a small amount of grain, which can be either corn or sweet feed specified for sheep.


Though Babydolls are hardy animals, all sheep require shelter from extreme weather conditions, in particular cold spring rain and hot summer heat. This need is especially important if they have just been sheared or have young lambs at their side. While Babydoll sheep are not known for challenging their boundaries, secure fencing is a must, mostly for the protection of the flock. Babydolls are a very gentle, docile breed. They are intelligent, tame quickly and seem to truly enjoy interaction with humans.


Babydoll sheep are short and stocky, ranging in height between 19 and 24 inches. They have cute woolly faces, which seem to smile. At Goose Creek Babydolls we are breeding for sound structure, good temperament and smiling, fuzzy faces!

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These slide shows are just examples of the quality offered at Goose Creek Babydolls.  We have both black and white sheep and have even had some spotted lambs born.  We maintain several separate lines so we can offer breeding pairs.  Here at Goose Creek Babydolls we make sure all our sheep get lots of attention to keep them happy and healthy.  We breed for good temperament and smiling, fuzzy faces.  Deposits ARE required to reserve lambs.  Please feel free to contact us for a current sales list.  Your interest IS appreciated!

For pricing information and pictures of current registered babies, please contact...

Diana Leder
Goose Creek Valley Farm


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This old fashioned breed was renamed "Olde English Babydoll Southdowns" and are a separate breed from the larger Southdown sheep. Babydoll Southdown sheep are registered with the Olde English Babydoll registry in Rochester WA.

Goose Creek Babydoll's Isabella.

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Goose Creek Babydoll's "Turtle."

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