Welcome to Goose Creek Babydolls

Welcome to Goose Creek Babydolls

Welcome to Goose Creek BabydollsWelcome to Goose Creek BabydollsWelcome to Goose Creek Babydolls

Home of registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep

About Us

About Southdown Sheep


Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep are actually a very old breed and probably one of the earliest to be brought to North America from England.   About 4-5 decades ago, the original small stocky Southdown sheep were either bred to select taller and leaner sheep or forgotten altogether.  

Lately, the shorter, stockier breed has enjoyed resurgence.  Babydoll sheep are the perfect breed for small acreage farms, petting zoos, therapy animals, and lawn, orchard, and vineyard trimmers.  In addition, Babydoll sheep's small size and gentle nature make them excellent animals for 4H projects.

This old-fashioned breed was renamed "Olde English Babydoll Southdowns" and are a separate breed from the larger Southdown sheep.  Babydoll sheep are registered with the Olde English Babydoll registry in Rochester, WA.  

Keeping Babydolls


Babydoll sheep require yearly  CD&T vaccines, hoof trimming, and -- like all wooly breeds -- yearly shearing.  They require seasonal worming as well. In general, they are easy to care for and need only good pasture and fresh water. They must have sheep mineral salts available at all times. Babydoll sheep need hay in winter and a small amount of grain, which can be either corn-based or sweet feed specified for sheep.  

Though Babydolls are hardy animals, all sheep require shelter from extreme weather conditions, in particular cold spring rain and hot summer sun. This need is especially important if they have just been shorn or have young lambs at their side.   While Babydoll sheep are not known for challenging their boundaries, secure fencing is a must, mostly for the protection of the flock. Babydoll are a very gentle, docile breed.  They are intelligent, tame quickly, and seem to enjoy interaction with humans. 

Babydoll are short and stocky, ranging in height between 19 and 24 inches at the shoulder.  They have cute, woolly faces, which seem to smile.  

About Goose Creek Babydolls


Goose Creek Babydolls was established in 2001. We  breed for sound structure, good temperament, and smiling, fuzzy faces! We have both black and white sheep, and have even had some spotted lambs born.  We maintain several separate lines, so we can offer breeding pairs.  Here at Goose Creek Babydolls, we offer quality lambs.  We make sure all our sheep get lots of attention, to keep them happy and healthy. 

Deposits are required to reserve lambs.  Please feel free to contact us for a current sales list.  

Your interest in Goose Creek Babydolls is appreciated.

For pricing information of current registered babies, please contact

Diana Leder

Goose Creek Valley Farm

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helpful info and FAQs



  All sheep at Goose Creek Babydolls are registered with the original Robert Mock Registry in Rochester, Washington. For more information on the breed and the registry go to www.oldeenglishbabydollregistry.com  


1 How many Babydolls can I have on an acre of land?


  There is no definitive answer to this. It depends on the quality of the pasture and if you have the land split for rotation. It also depends on whether you are planning on feeding year round or using only the pasture for nutrition. It is best to discuss this with your local ag extension agent and or your vet. Babydolls are not hard on pasture land and while they are grazing animals they can be maintained on grain and hay only.

I will not sell single lambs.  Sheep are  intense flock animals and require others of their own kind to be happy.  


2 Can you pull a baby so I can hand raise them?


  Babydoll ewes make excellent moms and rarely reject a lamb. Unless there is a really serious reason to do so (loss of mom or mom is very ill and unable to feed), as long as mom is with us I do not pull babies. Naturally raised babies are healthier and happier. Moms can teach them things we cannot even imagine and try as I may, and I try really hard, I can never match a ewe’s innate ability to know what her babies need.  
If you spend time with your new lambs they will quickly become tame and  get attached to you


3 When are the babies weaned and ready to go to their new homes? What will they need?


  All babies from Goose Creek Babydolls are fully weaned before going to their new homes. They have received all the age-appropriate vaccines, and have been wormed. They have also had at least one hoof trim. Wethers have been neutered.   Routinely, lambs are fully weaned at 8 weeks of age. On rare occasions where three or more babies are born, they may need to stay with mom for an extra two weeks. Fully weaned lambs are best suited to endure the stress of the changes involved in moving to their new homes.  They will need to have fencing and shelter already set up when they arrive. When you bring your new charges home give them a few days to adjust. Be sure they have fresh water and sheep minerals at all times. Offer only a very small amount of feed and just give them hay or a small secure pasture area.  


4 When are they ready to breed?


  Babydoll rams can usually breed in the fall of their birth year, providing they are at least 5 months of age by breeding time.
 However, ewes should not be bred until they are 18 months of age. Ewes usually go into heat about September and stay in heat cycles until they are bred or around January.


5 Do you ship?


  Travel can be stressful for young lambs.  I do not ship lambs via airlines, nor do I have a ground shipper that I work with. Buyers are welcome to secure shipping for their lambs if they cannot come and pick them up. However I will not guarantee satisfactory arrival of lambs once they leave my farm with a commercial shipper.  


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Thank you to all our customers

Thanks to all of you who have made Goose Creek Babydolls a success.  We look forward to many years full of smiling babies and satisfied customers.

   Diana Leder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Goose Creek Babydolls

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